Yoga For Dressage Riders – Routine To Improve Your Mobility Before You Ride

Yoga is a really powerful tool to help you become more supple in the saddle. But you don’t need any flash gym gear, to bust out your candles or have essential oils burning unless of course, you want to. You can even do this in your jodhpurs!

Now I am sure you have all experienced that tight stiff body from a day at your desk or sore muscles from overdoing it the previous day. This is why a short little routine like this can come in handy.

Time is usually pretty precious when it comes to riding and for many, the last thing they want to be doing is a “workout” or “stretching” when they would rather be riding. This is why I love this routine because it’s just 10 minutes and it will help you get into the saddle feeling much more comfortable. You will be able to truly focus on riding, instead of any stiffness you might be feeling. It’s a great way to help you feel more comfortable and also help enhance that time in the saddle too.

Hopefully, you notice how your body feels and the impact just a little time spent on you can have on the way your horse goes.

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