How Much Exercise Should I Be Doing Around My Riding?

In this article I will let you know the answer to common question of  “is horse riding is exercise”. Plus ideas on how you can improve your fitness for any equestrian discipline. I often get asked this question given my background and what I do and my answer very much depends on what sort of […]

Stretches For Riders With Tight Shoulders And Upper Back

Here is a series of stretches to help improve tight shoulders and upper back in riders. As dressage riders posture is important to maintain, not just for the picture this creates, but also for proper alignment so that we can ensure all our joints and ligaments can move freely with the horse. Often though we can […]

Dressage Rider Leg Strength – 6 Exercises To Help Your Improve

Improving your dressage rider leg strength will help you to have good control of our legs and in doing so a better ability to create good clear communication with our horse. The ability to use leg pressure whenever we need and however we want requires good body control, coordination, stability and balance when in the […]

Yoga For Dressage Riders – Routine To Improve Your Mobility Before You Ride

Yoga is a really powerful tool to help you become more supple in the saddle. But you don’t need any flash gym gear, to bust out your candles or have essential oils burning unless of course, you want to. You can even do this in your jodhpurs! Now I am sure you have all experienced that […]

4 Stretches To Help With Hip Mobility In Dressage Riders

As dressage riders, we need to be able to use our hips effectively yet, more often than not, riders are extremely tight in this area. Developing hip flexibility means your hips should be mobile and free enough to move in the same rhythm as your horse. You also want to have enough strength through your […]

How To Stretch Your Piriformis & Why It’s Important For Dressage Riders

It’s common for dressage riders to experience strain or tension in their piriformis muscle, so in this article I am going to show you how to stretch piriformis and why it is an important area to focus on because tightness in the piriformis muscle can cause and further pain elsewhere in the body.   How […]

5 Stretches That Every Dressage Rider Should Do

These 5 specific stretches will help improve your dressage riding. If you really want to improve your biomechanics and imbalances on the horse, this is where these specific stretches will benefit you. Often riders don’t realise the impact their imbalances can have on their horse. When ligaments get tight and stiff they lose their range […]

12 Stretches to Release Lower Back and Hip Pain In Riders

The human body has this amazing ability to heal itself. At any age and in nearly any state especially when given the right environment to do so. Our body will put up with a huge amount of silly movement and poor lifestyle choices for a long time because we have a large amount of functional […]

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