21 Day Movement Challenge

Struggling to get some good habits happening OFF the horse?

Know you need to do some training to help your dressage, but just can’t seem to make it happen?

Maybe you have done one of the DRT programs, but fallen off track.

Its ok. It happens.

Too often we over complicate exercise, we have this idea in our head as to what ‘exercise’ should look like.

It needs to be an hour.
It needs to make us sweat.
It needs to exhaust us.
It needs to be in a gym.
I need to wear the latest fancy gym clothes.
My muscles need to be sore the next day or it wasn’t worth it.

And if we don’t make our ‘exercise’ look like this, we get down on ourselves and tend not to do anything at all.

I want to change the way you think about ‘exercise’. Instead of making it all too hard, let’s make it simple again.

I love the phrase “Rig yourself to be successful”. This means, let’s tell ourselves that “It’s only 5 minutes”, and let’s make those 5 minutes doable, and benefit our riding.

Life with horses is hard enough already, let’s not make our exercise habits hard too.

Some days you may only do 5 minutes and that’s ok.

Other days you may do more and that’s awesome.

The key is making it doable, so you show up and create consistency.

Because consistency is where the magic happens.

So, this free program is designed to help you get back on track and build good routines and habits again.

Check out all 21 workouts and do them over the 21 days. Or combine them into a great workout.

Use the playlist button on top right inside the youtube video window to access all 21 videos.)

The aim is to use these 5 minute routines to help you instil good habits to help your riding.

I hope these help and I hope you enjoy!

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