What Is Standing In Your Way?

Sometimes we can get stuck on the treadmill of life and start to observe others lives as better than ours or we compare other situations to our own with the grass is greener mentality and social media is a fabulous place to get stuck with comparinitis. I don’t think anyone is immune to this, however […]

How Much Exercise Should I Be Doing Around My Riding?

In this article I will let you know the answer to common question of  “is horse riding is exercise”. Plus ideas on how you can improve your fitness for any equestrian discipline. I often get asked this question given my background and what I do and my answer very much depends on what sort of […]

Equestrian Workouts To Improve Your Riding

Here are some great equestrian workouts. Whether you are a dressage rider, show jumper, eventer, or simply someone who loves to hack out over the weekend, here is an introduction to equestrian workouts that will improve your riding and overall fitness. Having some form of fitness in the saddle is important for all equestrians not […]

Improving Your Dressage Basics

Keep improving your dressage basics and gain an understanding of what the judges are looking for at each level of your dressage test. I have certainly ridden my share of dressage tests and the last couple of seasons since being back competing with my young dressage horse I have learnt a lot about the dressage […]

Why Do We Need Strong Lower Abs For Riding?

Your lower abdominals are the most important abdominals for you to recognize. Often the laziest to wake up and the hardest to recruit, however, once you have woken them up they play an incredibly powerful role in the stabilization of your pelvis. The reason they are often dormant is that too often people rely heavily […]

Dressage Arena Layout

When you first look at a standard dressage arena layout, you will notice letters around the outside perimeter. They are not in alphabetical order, but instead, look like a random bunch of letters. They do however have a reason for being there. Let me explain what they all mean. These letters are set out at […]

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