Mounting Exercises To Help Improve Getting On The Horse

Flexibility is crucial to making mounting your horse much easier. With poor flexibility, you’re likely to struggle to get on your horse without pulling at the saddle and disrupting your horse’s balance. Not to mention, making for visual comedy as you twist and haul yourself up! If you rely on a mounting block to get […]

Stretches For Riders With Tight Shoulders And Upper Back

Here is a series of stretches to help improve tight shoulders and upper back in riders. As dressage riders posture is important to maintain, not just for the picture this creates, but also for proper alignment so that we can ensure all our joints and ligaments can move freely with the horse. Often though we can […]

Dressage Rider Leg Strength – 6 Exercises To Help Your Improve

Improving your dressage rider leg strength will help you to have good control of our legs and in doing so a better ability to create good clear communication with our horse. The ability to use leg pressure whenever we need and however we want requires good body control, coordination, stability and balance when in the […]

7 Exercises To Improve Lower Body Strength And Balance

In this article I share specific dressage exercises that will help you fine tune your own strength and balance in the saddle. As riders understanding what is going on within our own body can help us when we are in the saddle.  Often we may feel that the horse is really stiff and weak on […]

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