Upper Body Exercises For Dressage Riders

A strong stable rider that has independent hands creates a beautiful picture upon a horse and this is something we should all be striving for. This sort of strength is achieved through a strong core, stabilized shoulder girdle and balanced pelvis. When your torso is in the right position it allow your arms to move […]

Do You Know What Neutral Spine Feels Like? With A Test To See

Its not just about your horse, the two of you are a athletic team and often we forget about our important role in this team sport. We put all of our effort into the horse and making sure they have the ideal training plan and schooling schedule, yet we forget about doing the same for […]

Why Dressage Riders Should Brace Their Spine And How To Do So

In order to protect your spine and be able to transfer the force the horse creates beneath you, you need to have the ability to be able to organize your spine for optimal force and transfer. Meaning if you are stiff and rigid, so to will be your horse!   Prevent Wear and Tear Understanding […]

Why Planks Are Great For Dressage Rider Posture (With 6 Different Variations To Try)

As a dressage rider our goal is to remain super stable and balanced, yet have the ability to move our limbs and pelvis subtly for aids. This is why planks are such a great exercise to help improve your strength off the horse. They require almost every single muscle to work in order to stabilize your […]

Strength Exercises For Horse Riders – Improve With These 6 Core Exercises

In this article I share core strength exercises for horse riders with a target towards dressage. Learn how to improve your posture and balance in the saddle. Horses are hugely athletic large sensitive animals and our posture and balance affects them. So in order to be able to control your horses body, you need to […]

Improve Your Rider Strength With These 6 Exercises

Here I share how you can improve your dressage strength out of the saddle. This will ultimately help you seat more even and balance in the saddle. As dressage riders its important that we are constantly working on ways to improve your riding seat. These little improvements over time are what are going to help […]

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